Every click of the camera freezes a moment in time. The art of photography is such a special craft that it captures the world in a whole new light. Becoming a professional photographer requires not only natural talent but the right set of skills to meet industry standards.

Take your passion a step further with our digital photography training in Lagos. Our school introduces you to the crucial features and techniques used to create amazing digital photos using your digital camera. Despite the fact that many people own digital cameras, few are proficient photographers.

You will learn how to use your digital camera's basic and advanced capabilities in this course so you can get the perfect shot every time. Sign up to hone your photography skills because it has become a crucial form of expression in the digital age.

Our photography school in Lagos focuses on teaching fundamental photographic principles and techniques and offers a practical framework that will assist you in understanding your equipment and how to use them to produce amazing photographs. You'll leverage our standard photography studio in Lagos to learn every advanced concept of photography.


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Learn how to master your digital camera with this beginner digital photography course in Lgaos. Learn the fundamentals of your camera so you can start using manual mode and take better pictures of people and surroundings. Whether you're just starting out or have been taking pictures for a while, our seasoned photographers will teach you how to perceive the world through their eyes.

You'll work on several picture projects that you'll finish throughout the course to put the abilities you're learning into practice. As you complete the program, your teacher will work with you, reviewing your images and giving you advice on how to get better. You will have the abilities and knowledge necessary to take pictures of a professional caliber by the time you are done.


    This session introduces you to modern-day photography. We will retrace our steps and lecture you on the journey of cameras from negative printing using photo labs to the new mirrorless cameras you see today. The use of cameras in photography has come a long way from the 1800s.


    Get introduced to the evolution of digital cameras for photography. Digital cameras have increased in popularity and accessibility since the 1990s. Because of this, learning photography is now simpler than ever. In this session, we would look into digital cameras (DSLR, Compact cameras and mirrorless cameras) and their impact in photography.


    An overview and the different types of Digital Cameras and Lenses, the best budget cameras for beginner, intermediate and expert photographers in 2023 and beyond.


    Sitting at the three points of the exposure triangle is the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Together, these three camera and lens parameters (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO) affect both the amount of light that reaches the light-sensitive surface and the sensitivity of that surface (film or digital ISO). We will show you how to use the exposure triangle and how it affects your image.


    Photography is shots. Learn all about the different types of shots in photography. We will teach you how to decipher the perfect shot to capture an exceptional image. In this session, we'll discuss several fundamental camera shot kinds, angles, and applications.


This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the operations and controls of a digital camera. We will teach all about camera operations, the various controls, and, more importantly, why you use them or one versus another.

Despite the fact that the course is all about the "essentials," you will learn about some challenging subjects. Even if you have experience using cameras, I think this course will still be helpful to you and help you grasp things like:how to properly set up a camera, Exposure compensation, Depth of field issues,Lens distortion, The exposure triangle and use of reciprocity


    Modern digital cameras are loaded with dials, knobs, buttons, and other functions. In order to give you more control when shooting, we go extensively into the physical camera while offering helpful tips along the way.


    Discover everything there is to know about manual focus and autofocus. We will look into their functions and how they differ from each other. Autofocus is when you let the camera set the point of focus or the focal point in your image. Manual focus, on the other hand, is when you, the user, set the point of focus in your image. We will also learn when to make use of each focus for the utmost result.


    Sony cameras are great for taking amazing pictures, whether you are a novice or professional in the craft, Sony got you covered. This session covers all about Sony cameras, their parts, functions and use. By the end of this session, we expect that students will have a good understanding of Sony cameras and how to use them to take amazing shots.


    Learn all about the operations of a Canon camera. For aspiring photographers, a Canon camera is a fantastic option, as are the lenses and accessories. With a Canon camera, you can capture images that will look neat and really professional without spending a fortune. By the end of this session, you would have a good grasp of how to operate a Canon camera.


    Learn all about the famous and widely used Nikon camera. As a new and budding artist in the photography industry, a Nikon camera is a good way to start your creative career. Nikon makes for beautiful photography. The majority of professional photographers believe that Nikon offers certain features that other cameras lack. Thus, this session would look into all about Nikon cameras and how they can be used.


Your ability to control light in photography helps you take pictures at any time and at any location of your choice. One of the most important and challenging components of photography is lighting. Additionally, it's one of the least valued. Amateur photographers frequently pick up a camera and start shooting without giving lighting much thought. They might add a strobe light as it becomes dark. But just like using your DSLR's manual mode, knowing a few lighting principles will help you stand out from other aspiring photographers and elevate your photographs. Our course is set to help you understand and practicalise lighting in photography!


    Understanding light is essential for producing authoritative work. Learn about the F-Stop, which is the unit for measuring light, and learn how measuring and using light may improve the beauty of your photographs.


    This session would cover colours in photography. Discover how to use color to produce impactful images. Understand how color affects emotion and how it affects the viewer. Take advantage of color in photography, whether you're taking the picture or editing it in Photoshop or Lightroom.

    Gain confidence in how you select and capture your subjects for portrait, landscape, nature, lifestyle, fashion, and travel photography with examples, practical projects, and sample files on color, color theory, and what effects the viewer in photography.

    We'll go over all the fundamentals, including the Kelvin Scale, the significance of colour, and how to effectively use colour wheels. Additionally, we will discuss all the necessary Color Harmonies as well as how to convey amazing emotions with colour.


    Learn all you need to know about the different lighting kits for filmmakers. We would look into tungsten lights, Fluorescent video lights, LED lights and HMI Lights. Lighting is very key in photography. Learn about the many lighting options and how they might benefit your photographic style.


    This session will be great for photographers who want to learn how to take studio portraits. Learn the trick and tips when it comes to studio photography. By the end of this session, students should be able to take perfect studio pictures.


    Learn how to use natural light to your advantage as a photographer. We will also teach you how to use this form of lighting to create more colour and contrast.


The entire course has been structured to emphasize practical study of the specifics of commercial ad photography.This session introduces students to the various niches in photography. We will look into model photography, wedding photography and product photography. As a new photographer, focusing on a niche would help you scale faster in the industry. We will assist you on a regular basis and provide assignments that help you advance. Throughout the course, we will introduce you to many advertisement photography styles. You will learn how to photograph models in a variety of settings while adhering to various ideals and rules. This adds the necessary diversity to your photography skills.


    Venture into the high-life of wedding/event photography. Learn how to capture “Special moments” in events. This session would focus on all the techniques and tools you need to take amazing outdoor photos. Sharpen your artistic vision and venture outside of your personal and artistic comfort zone.


    Learn how to capture the beauty of nature. Landscape photography is all about taking pictures of nature and outdoor scenes in a way that brings your viewers into the scene. They see the world through your lenses. This class will focus on how to use every tool available to you to capture the true essence of nature. After this class, students should be able to plan an adventurous trip with the intent of taking breathtaking pictures.


    The modeling industry is a unique, creative and artistic industry. This session is an in depth study of the role of photography in the modeling industry. We will look into model photography, its technicalities, creativity and editing. You will learn what to look out for when taking pictures of models and what brands and customers expect to see.


    Learn how to market products or services through pictures. We will look into the various techniques and styles of product photography. Your instructor will show you the specifics of product illumination, photo capture, angles, and lighting approaches. By the end of the class you would be able to script, plan, setup and shoot a product for commercial purposes.


    Introduction to photo retouching in photography. Photo retouching involves the process of improving the quality of a picture by enhancing its aesthetics and removing any flaws to create the perfect image. As a photographer one of the essential skill sets you need to have is the ability to edit pictures flawlessly. Photo editing is a key component of model photography, commercial or product photography, and other types of photography. It can be applied to transform or enhance the appearance of people or things for a particular purpose.


      Enhance your passion for photography with this class on photoshop and lightroom. Discover and master the best photo-editing software from the ground up to improve any image with straightforward, flexible tools.

      Explore Lightroom's user interface to get a feel for it and then tweak it to suit your needs to improve workflow. This session would also look into sophisticated retouching and processing tools, like noise reduction, red-eye correction, range masks, vignettes, film grain, and spot removal. Learn how to combine multiple photos into one to produce panoramic and HDR images, as well as how to efficiently apply the changes you make to one photo to many others.


      Master frequency separation as one of the criterias to become a professional photographer. Frequency separation is a technique used to separate color information from the other elements of your image in order to be able to change details and colors independently of one another. This technique gives you absolute control over delicate color and texture in your image.

    • DODGE & BURN

      Photoshop's professional dodging and burning tool can remarkably enhance the detail in your photographs. This is why we teach our students how to effectively use this tool to edit pictures. With this tool, you can make use of natural highlights and shadows to give your objects more depth and structure while enhancing an image's contrast.


      One of the most significant steps in portrait retouching is sharpening because it aids in highlighting the most crucial details and guides the viewer's gaze throughout the image. We will explain how to add various levels of sharpness to various parts of a photograph using the included Photoshop Action.


      We've all got them: minor wrinkles, pimples, stray hairs—tiny flaws that show up clearly on today's high-resolution cameras. Learn how to remove and reduce minor distractions while retaining all of the crucial details that make a person distinctive.


    Be the king of Photo Editing with our advance Photo Editing Training in Lagos. By the end of this section, you'll have every tool and method you'll need to master Photo retouching, thanks to a combination of powerful Photoshop and Lightroom Actions and presets. We begin with the fundamentals and then demonstrate in-depth application using high-end, professional photographs.


      If you're a working retoucher, you don't have to work for hours and hours to acquire a high-quality output. We can show you how to acquire professional results quickly by simply following the procedures in the correct order.


      Look no further than our collection of Photoshop Actions and Brushes when you need to work swiftly but with a professional and accurate outcome. This takes the guesswork out of complex tasks like frequency separation and sharpening, allowing you to concentrate on the art and craft of retouching.


      Learn to get a proper white balance for your footages and properly expose your videos for decent highlights and shadows. This alone can improve the overall look of your videos.


      It's also one of the most popular plugins for high-end photo retouching. Beauty Retouch Panel is used by many beauty and fashion photographers to finish photo editing quickly.


      The plugin has one of the best, if not the overall best, Photoshop retouch panels. With a nice UI, you can modify retouch strength, masks, and softness.

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